Electric Bow Thrusters

An electric bow thrusters (DC thruster) are, based on their thrust, basically used in leisure boats ranging from 20ft to 100ft. The DC thrusters are less space consuming, easier to install and can be a cost efficient alternative to hydraulic thrusters with much lower duty cycle capabilities. All Side-Power electric bow and stern thrusters are equipped with the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) safety function.

It makes docking easy.
As marinas get smaller and slips get tighter, safely docking a boat is more challenging than ever before. Thrusters give you total control of your boat and allow you to manoeuvre into and out of tight spots with ease.

Confidence in all situations.
Boating is meant to be fun. Why end your day or week on the water with a stressful experience? ARS thruster offers the help you need to be in full control when docking and departing regardless of wind conditions and currents.

Simple shorthanded boating.
A thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew. The independence a thruster provides will allow you to use your boat whenever you want, whether alone or with others.

With equal thrust in both directions providing from 30 kg to 285 kg of thrust:

  • SE30/125
  • SE40/125
  • SE60/185
  • SE80/185
  • SE100/185
  • SE120/215
  • SE130/250
  • SE150/215
  • SE170/250
  • SE210/250
  • SP240/300
  • SP285/300

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