Hydraulic Propulsion

Hydraulics Sales, Hydraulics Repair, Hydraulics Products, Hydro Leduc Products, Hydro Leduc AccumulatorsARS equipment can be found on a wide variety of Inland Water Crafts, Narrowboats, Dutch Barges, Floating Hotels & Restaurants, Entertainment Vessels, Fishing Boats, Yachts, Catamarans & Sea-Going Vessels where our systems can be standard build or bespoke specification to meet our client’s needs with the added benefits of:-

  • Your engine can be sited anywhere to maximise the use of space
  • Siting the engine away from the steering cockpit, gives a quieter running vessel
  • ARS’s Variable Displacement System provides the operator with the facility of infinite control of the propeller via a manual lever & cable operation or via an electronic joystick
  • The ARS Hydraulic Drive System has been known to run quieter and transmit less vibration than a conventional mechanical drive system
  • A Hydraulic Drive provides the boat builder the opportunity to position the propeller at the best angle for performance & eliminates any alignment issues between the engine & propeller
  • The ARS Hydraulic Drive Package allows additional integration of hydraulic circuits for i.e. Bow & Stern Thruster, Winches, Spud Legs, Generators & hydraulic wheelhouses without affecting the main propulsion circuit
  • Multi-Propeller drives can be fitted to a single engine to improve manoeuvring capabilities
  • Our ARS80 Hydraulic Drive Pod eliminates any misalignment issues between the drive motor & propeller. In addition no maintenance in required as it is a sealed unit
  • Backed by our Worldwide Partnership Network, make ARS your next call for your new propulsion system

Please Contact ARS Anglian Diesels for more information on all of our Hydraulic Propulsion product range.